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Historical Industrial Equipment in Greece, Edited by: Polyzos Yiannis, Panagiotopoulos Vassilis, Agriantoni Christina, Belavilas Nikos, Odysseas Publishers, Athens 1998 (available only in Greek).

    A systematic localisation, documentation and evaluation of historical industrial units in seven traditional Greek industrial cities (Piraeus, Patra, Lavrio, Hermoupolis, Volos, Naoussa, Goumenissa) covering nine industrial sectors (energy, mining, mechanical engineering, chemicals, silk mills, agricultural product processing, tannery, ceramics, paper mills) from the mid-19th to the mid-20th centuries.

Texts on the Greek Industry of the 19th Century, Introduced and Edited by Psalidopoulos Michael, Cultural Technological Foundation of the Hellenic Bank of Industrial Development, Athens 1994 (available only in Greek).

    An anthology of 27 texts by Greek economists, intellectuals, politicians, journalists and university lecturers written from 1833 to 1913. Their common debate theme is the desirability or not of state protection for the Greek industry. Discussions on Greek industry issues in the 19th century appear to be notably similar to those carried out in the interwar, as well as the postwar periods, and could contribute to the understanding of current societal and economic issues in Greece.