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Education Programmes

School Visits

The CTC-IMH, within its framework of operation and given its educational-cultural dimension as a carrier of the historicity of Hermoupolis, welcomes school visits for which it provides special guided tours.

Educational Programmes

Over the last three years, over sixty schools and two thousand students visited the Museum, while only in April 2010 we welcomed a further 1400 students. Indicatively:

    In 2009, the CTC-IMH welcomed schools from the greater Athens area, the islands of Kimolos and Crete, as well as the island of Syros.
    In 2008, the CTC-IMH welcomed schools and colleges from Syros, the greater Athens area, Elefsina, Chalkida, Marathonas, Tripoli, as well as the islands of Paros, Samos and Ikaria.
    In 2007, the CTC-IMH welcomed schools and colleges from Athens, Salamina, Livadeia, as well as the islands of Schinousa, Paros, Naxos and Syros.

To visit the Industrial Museum with your school, please contact us directly to make all the necessary arrangements. The Museum is currently developing a K-12 education programme and related workshops.