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Petrol engine

Collecting old machinery and tools has begun in Syros since the 1980s, in order to salvage the historically significant manufacturing equipment of Hermoupolis. Initially, such machinery and equipment were sought in ironmongeries and old/closed companies. Donations both by businesses and individuals from Syros, Piraeus and Athens led to the constitution of one of the most important collections of industrial equipment in Greece.

Donations continue to this day. Retiring craftsmen and workers donate to the Museum tools and instruments that have often been handed down from one generation to the next.

Today, the Museum’s collections exceed 500 assembled and unassembled machines, tools and objects covering all sectors of the Syros industrial heritage from the industrial and pre-industrial periods.

Sock manufacturing machine

  • Tools used by carpenters, shipbuilders and blacksmiths
  • Foot- and manually-operated machines
  • Machinery and equipment related to :
    - engineering
    - textiles
    - carpentry
    - printing
    - tannery
    - processing of agricultural products
    - production of Turkish delights (lokums)
    - glassmaking
    - even the automobile industry

There are also samples of machinery made in Syros, as well as machines and tools of the same type from different chronological periods, that demonstrate the evolution of technology.