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Aneroussis Lead Shot Factory

The building houses the only lead shot factory of its kind salvaged in Europe. Since August 2010, when it opened its doors to the public, visitors have the opportunity to empirically experience the conditions and the way in which lead shot was produced in the beginning of the previous century.

Aneroussis Lead Shot factory

The building is situated to the east of the Katsimantis Dyeworks building. This small lead shot factory was built around 1889. It comprises a cooling tower and several ground level constructions surrounding it. All of its original machinery and equipment was salvaged by the CTC-IMH. The building was originally purchased by the Municipality of Hermoupolis in order to become part of the Industrial Museum complex.

In 1989, this factory was declared a listed building by the Greek Ministry of Culture. All interventions were limited to structural work needed to support the lead shot cooling tower, restoration of the damaged roof, machinery restoration and maintenance, as well as cleaning and sanitation of the interiors. The CTC-IMH aim was to turn the focus to the building itself as a self-contained museum, demonstrating to its visitors the way lead shot was traditionally produced.