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Marantzidis Alexis, engineer – mechanic, President, manager and collection development.
Vekris Haris, economist, Vice President, responsible for strategic planning.
Mavrikou Maria, an economist, Management Science, PhD, University of Athens, General Secretary in charge of public relations.
Kazantzaki Maria, lawyer, Special Secretary, responsible for legal support.
Vasilikos Nikos, tour operator, Treasurer, responsible sponsorship.
Kalouta Margarita, member
Vafia Anna, member

The new Board of the Association wishes and hopes to mobilize its members and citizens of Syros to highlight the historical commercial and industrial wealth of our island. Its purpose is the dissemination and promotion of Hermoupolis as commercial, industrial and cultural center with international activity.

Below is a brief curriculum vitae of the members of the new Bureau shall

Alexis Marantzidis
Born in 1969 and raised in Syros. He is married with two children. Graduate School of Mechanical Engineering, Aristotle Worked in Thessaloniki by the end of 2005 as Technical Director in the overall representation of SEAT and after the Porsche. He is the chairman of the Technical Committee of ELPA. Works in Department of Transportation Cyclades and is head of the technical department.

Haris Vekris
Born in Syros where he lives and works in DEDDIE SA as Head of Sector Network User. A graduate in Business Administration and Classical Guitar, with postgraduate studies in Human Resource Management and Management of Cultural Institutions. He is a member of the Committee on Culture of OPAS, a member of the Development Committee Update & Theatre Apollo and Vice President of Cultural and Naturalist Association Workers PPC. As a writer he has been honored by the Ministry of Culture in the Second National Award Young Playwrights (2005) and the Theatre Development Company Limassol with the Third Prize of “One-act Theatre Contest in memory of Kostis Kolota” (2012).

Maria Mavrikou
Born and raised in Ermoupolis Syros. Working as Head of the Audit Office of Cyclades, Syros seat. He graduated in economics at the University of Piraeus with further training in France with IKY scholarship, postgraduate diploma and Ph.D. in Political Science and Public Administration of the University of Athens. He served as General Secretary to the Board of Chamber of Greece – Administrative Sciences Group and is a member of the Lyceum Club of Greek Women and the Association of Syros Island People.

Maria Kazantzakis
He is a lawyer in Syros island since 2006. Elected Councillor of the Municipality of Syros – Hermoupolis, is a member of the Board of the Agency for Culture and Sport Syros, a member of the Board of Directors of the Port Authority, alternate member of the Board of Education Organization and Social Solidarity, alternate member of the financial committee of the municipality, State Council of the City of Immigrants and Treasurer of the Lawyers Club of Syros. He holds a Master of Law in Criminal Law.

Vasilikos Nikos
Born and raised in Syros which his active in the shipping and tourism for 27 years. He is the General Secretary of Chamber of Cyclades and has served as First Vice President during the previous term. Before “Kallikrates” was a member of DEKEE managed the Industrial Museum.

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(Greek) Το Σχολείο στο Μουσείο: από την θεωρία στην πράξη, μουσειακές εμπειρίες και επαγγελματικές πρακτικές http://www.ketepo.gr/en/2011/10/%cf%84%ce%bf-%cf%83%cf%87%ce%bf%ce%bb%ce%b5%ce%af%ce%bf-%cf%83%cf%84%ce%bf-%ce%bc%ce%bf%cf%85%cf%83%ce%b5%ce%af%ce%bf-%ce%b1%cf%80%cf%8c-%cf%84%ce%b7%ce%bd-%ce%b8%ce%b5%cf%89%cf%81%ce%af%ce%b1-%cf%83/ http://www.ketepo.gr/en/2011/10/%cf%84%ce%bf-%cf%83%cf%87%ce%bf%ce%bb%ce%b5%ce%af%ce%bf-%cf%83%cf%84%ce%bf-%ce%bc%ce%bf%cf%85%cf%83%ce%b5%ce%af%ce%bf-%ce%b1%cf%80%cf%8c-%cf%84%ce%b7%ce%bd-%ce%b8%ce%b5%cf%89%cf%81%ce%af%ce%b1-%cf%83/#comments Thu, 13 Oct 2011 09:56:27 +0000 ketepo http://www.ketepo.gr/en/?p=181 Sorry, this entry is only available in Greek.

http://www.ketepo.gr/en/2011/10/%cf%84%ce%bf-%cf%83%cf%87%ce%bf%ce%bb%ce%b5%ce%af%ce%bf-%cf%83%cf%84%ce%bf-%ce%bc%ce%bf%cf%85%cf%83%ce%b5%ce%af%ce%bf-%ce%b1%cf%80%cf%8c-%cf%84%ce%b7%ce%bd-%ce%b8%ce%b5%cf%89%cf%81%ce%af%ce%b1-%cf%83/feed/ 0
(Greek) Ξυλουργικό εργαστήριο Μιχάλη Πελεκάνου http://www.ketepo.gr/en/2011/02/%ce%be%cf%85%ce%bb%ce%bf%cf%85%cf%81%ce%b3%ce%b9%ce%ba%cf%8c-%ce%b5%cf%81%ce%b3%ce%b1%cf%83%cf%84%ce%ae%cf%81%ce%b9%ce%bf-%ce%bc%ce%b9%cf%87%ce%ac%ce%bb%ce%b7-%cf%80%ce%b5%ce%bb%ce%b5%ce%ba%ce%ac/ http://www.ketepo.gr/en/2011/02/%ce%be%cf%85%ce%bb%ce%bf%cf%85%cf%81%ce%b3%ce%b9%ce%ba%cf%8c-%ce%b5%cf%81%ce%b3%ce%b1%cf%83%cf%84%ce%ae%cf%81%ce%b9%ce%bf-%ce%bc%ce%b9%cf%87%ce%ac%ce%bb%ce%b7-%cf%80%ce%b5%ce%bb%ce%b5%ce%ba%ce%ac/#comments Wed, 16 Feb 2011 14:19:41 +0000 ketepo http://www.ketepo.gr/en/?p=164 Sorry, this entry is only available in Greek.

http://www.ketepo.gr/en/2011/02/%ce%be%cf%85%ce%bb%ce%bf%cf%85%cf%81%ce%b3%ce%b9%ce%ba%cf%8c-%ce%b5%cf%81%ce%b3%ce%b1%cf%83%cf%84%ce%ae%cf%81%ce%b9%ce%bf-%ce%bc%ce%b9%cf%87%ce%ac%ce%bb%ce%b7-%cf%80%ce%b5%ce%bb%ce%b5%ce%ba%ce%ac/feed/ 0
(Greek) Η συντήρηση του τροχού http://www.ketepo.gr/en/2010/11/%ce%b7-%cf%83%cf%85%ce%bd%cf%84%ce%ae%cf%81%ce%b7%cf%83%ce%b7-%cf%84%ce%bf%cf%85-%cf%84%cf%81%ce%bf%cf%87%ce%bf%cf%8d/ http://www.ketepo.gr/en/2010/11/%ce%b7-%cf%83%cf%85%ce%bd%cf%84%ce%ae%cf%81%ce%b7%cf%83%ce%b7-%cf%84%ce%bf%cf%85-%cf%84%cf%81%ce%bf%cf%87%ce%bf%cf%8d/#comments Wed, 03 Nov 2010 15:49:56 +0000 ketepo http://www.ketepo.gr/en/?p=157 Sorry, this entry is only available in Greek.

http://www.ketepo.gr/en/2010/11/%ce%b7-%cf%83%cf%85%ce%bd%cf%84%ce%ae%cf%81%ce%b7%cf%83%ce%b7-%cf%84%ce%bf%cf%85-%cf%84%cf%81%ce%bf%cf%87%ce%bf%cf%8d/feed/ 0
The wheel of Patris at its final location http://www.ketepo.gr/en/2010/09/the-wheel-of-patris-at-its-final-location/ http://www.ketepo.gr/en/2010/09/the-wheel-of-patris-at-its-final-location/#comments Wed, 29 Sep 2010 13:05:21 +0000 ketepo http://www.ketepo.gr/en/2010/09/%ce%bf-%cf%84%cf%81%ce%bf%cf%87%cf%8c%cf%82-%cf%84%ce%bf%cf%85-%c2%ab%cf%80%ce%b1%cf%84%cf%81%ce%af%cf%82%c2%bb-%cf%83%cf%84%ce%b7%ce%bd-%cf%84%ce%b5%ce%bb%ce%b9%ce%ba%ce%ae-%cf%84%ce%bf%cf%85-%ce%b8/ On September 8th, 2010 the wheel of the steamship Patris was transferred to its final location, on a specially constructed base in the courtyard of the Industrial Museum of Hermoupolis, where the process of its restoration by a specialised scientific team has already begun. The wheel of Patris weighs ten tons, measures six meters in diametre and rests on a cast steel beam measuring 40 cm in diametre and 5 metres in length. The wheel constitutes an exceptional and rare artifact demonstrating the art of shipbuilding. The entire operation was sponsored by the Pateras family and the last phase of transportation was realised by the Neorion Shipyards of Syros, which provided specialised equipment and a team of ten people.

The wheel of Patris at the IMH

Salvaging the wheel

In 2007, a large-scale operation aiming to salvage one of the two wheels of the steamship Patris was organised. The operation was a collaboration of the Industrial Museum of Hermoupolis, the National Hellenic Research Foundation, the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities and the UFR-Team of divers. In addition, the operation was filmed to provide footage for a documentary entitled “Patris-Lost in 1868″, a co-production of ERT SA, the production company TECHNIS and the CTC-IMH. Following its salvage, the wheel was temporarily placed in the Hermoupolis traditional shipyard, until it was transported to its final location.

The wheel of Patris at the traditional shipyard

The shipwreck

Patris sank in fair weather, after hitting a reef near the island of Kea in 1868, while on route to Syros from Piraeus. Initially, responsibility for the wreck lay with the captain N. Aggelikaras, who was later acquitted by the naval court. There was no loss of life, as all passengers got ashore safe and sound. Nonetheless, the financial damage incurred by the Hellenic Steamship Company was significant. The ship, which was cut in two, lies at about 50 metres underwater to this day. Since 1980, the shipwreck has been a popular attraction to experienced divers from all over the world, as it is extremely well-preserved.

Steamship gravure

The steamship Patris

The passenger steamship Patris was one of the ships of the Hellenic Steamship Company, the first sea service founded in Greece. It was ordered by former king Otto and built in England in 1860. It was a luxury ship made of iron, 217 feet long, 28 feet wide, with a tonnage of 787 register tons, a displacement of 700 tons and a 180 horsepower engine. It burned coal, which fueled the steam engine which, in turn, set the ship’s two wheels in motion. However, it also had sails.

Although the wheels of Patris were technologically more evolved, you can find out the basics of steam-powered paddles here.

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Patris documentary award http://www.ketepo.gr/en/2010/06/patris-documentary-award/ http://www.ketepo.gr/en/2010/06/patris-documentary-award/#comments Tue, 08 Jun 2010 15:31:00 +0000 ketepo http://www.ketepo.gr/en/2010/06/%ce%b2%cf%81%ce%ac%ce%b2%ce%b5%cf%85%cf%83%ce%b7-%ce%bd%cf%84%ce%bf%ce%ba%ce%b9%ce%bc%ce%b1%ce%bd%cf%84%ce%ad%cf%81-%cf%80%ce%b1%cf%84%cf%81%ce%af%cf%82/ The Museum is happy to announce that the documentary “Patris, Lost in 1868” won an award at the International Film and Video Festival, organised by the Archaeology Channel between May 18th and 22th, 2010 at the Soreng Theater, Hult Center for the Performing Arts in Eugene, Oregon (USA).

Patris Award

A hundred films from 32 countries entered the festival. Nineteen were chosen to compete. “Patris, Lost in 1868″ won the Best Film (by Jury) as well as the Best Cinematography (by Jury) awards. This is a significant distinction, as the Greek production faced brilliant competition entries from the likes of the National Geographic and the History Channel.

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New acquisitions by the Museum http://www.ketepo.gr/en/2010/03/new-acquisitions-by-the-museum/ http://www.ketepo.gr/en/2010/03/new-acquisitions-by-the-museum/#comments Tue, 30 Mar 2010 08:30:18 +0000 ketepo http://www.ketepo.gr/en/2010/03/%cf%84%ce%b1-%ce%bd%ce%ad%ce%b1-%cf%84%ce%bf%cf%85-%ce%bc%ce%bf%cf%85%cf%83%ce%b5%ce%af%ce%bf%cf%85/ In November and December 2009, Mr. Constantinos Filippou, who had already donated a large collection of ship schematics and a complete naval technical office including its instruments to the Museum, funded the digitisation of the schematics collection. Interested researchers may now study these schematics in the Museum library.

In December 2009, Mr. Demetris Voikos, a mariner, donated the blacksmiths’ tools his father, George Voikos, had used in his workshop from the 1940s to 1977 to the Museum.

On January 19th, Mr. Pavlos Alifragkis, a carpenter, donated all his equipment and tools to the Museum. These tools had been used by his family for three generations.

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Museological study http://www.ketepo.gr/en/2010/03/museological-study/ http://www.ketepo.gr/en/2010/03/museological-study/#comments Tue, 30 Mar 2010 08:00:20 +0000 ketepo http://www.ketepo.gr/en/2010/03/%ce%b5%ce%ba%ce%b4%ce%b7%ce%bb%cf%8e%cf%83%ce%b5%ce%b9%cf%82/ A museological-museographical study, which aims to upgrade and update the Museum’s existing collections, is already under way.

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